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Kero Kero Bonito and Soccer Mommy collaborate on ‘Rom Com 2021’

Kero Kero Bonito have reimagined Soccer Mommy’s recent single, “rom com 2004.”

The new version of the track, “Rom Com 2021,” is out as part of Adult Swim’s singles series. The glitchy track is given a distinctive Kero Kero Bonito twist. The band adds some gliding synths, and frontwoman Sarah Perry adds her own verses to the track.

“We were very excited to be invited to work on ‘Rom Com 2021,’ Kero Kero Bonito explain. “Our contributions were inspired by Bridget Jones’ Diary, late summer and UK Garage vocal manipulation.”

Listen to “Rom Com 2021” below.

Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter BJ Burton produced the original, “rom com 2004.”

“I wrote this song a while back and made a poppy demo for it,” Soccer Mommy explained upon its release. “Then I told BJ to destroy it.”

Unlike with the Kero Kero Bonito version, the original came accompanied by a video. The 3D animated clip was made by Fustic Studio. The eye-catching clip follows a vampiric Mii-style version of Soccer Mommy through a futuristic city.

In November of 2020, Soccer Mommy surprise released Color Theory (Selected Demos). The release features demos of “Circle The Drain,” “Crawling In My Skin,” “Yellow Is The Color Of Her Eyes,” and more. Alongside it, she also dropped a video for “Royal Screw Up.”

“I made this video by driving around and exploring a little bit of Nashville,” Allison explains of “Royal Screw Up.” “Most of the footage is from my house or my favourite nearby nature spots.”

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