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Khruangbin, Leon Bridges collaborate on breezy new EP ‘Texas Moon’

Psychedelic outfit Khruangbin and neo-soul singer Leon Bridges have teamed up for another collaborative EP, Texas Moon, out now via Dead Oceans.

The new EP follows the release of their last collaborative project, Texas Sun. This EP continues that journey. Texas Moon contrasts Texas Sun entirely. The two collections are intended to compliment each other, both musically and thematically. Where the first release was all about sun, this collection is darker and more shadowy, while staying true to their signature groovy sound.

“Without joy, there can be no real perspective on sorrow,” the artists explain of the EP. “Without sunlight, all this rain keeps things from growing. How can you have the sun without the moon?”

Stream Texas Moon below.

Together, Khruangbin and Leon Bridges really cement their own signature sound as a collective.

“It’s like a short story… And it leaves room to continue having these stories together,” Khruangbin singer Laura Lee explains of Texas Moon. “It’s not Khruangbin, it’s not Leon, it’s this world we have created together.”

The EP features previously released singles “B-Side” and “Chocolate Hills.”

Both Texas Sun and Texas Moon hone in on a sort of road trip music, although this EP differs greatly from the last. The 5-track collection feels perfect for a breezy moon-lit drive home. With loungey, smooth tunes, the collection is perfect for a reflective late night drive.

The leisurely tracks seem to lean into Bridges’ discography a little more. Texas Moon perfectly blends together the soothing soul sounds of Bridges with a funky twist from Khruangbin. So get in your car, buckle up, and get ready to dive into this dreamy EP.

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