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Kim Gordon Can’t Recall How Much Weed She Smoked With Cypress Hill

The 1993 film Judgment Night was mostly forgettable, but its soundtrack was a trailblazing collection of collaborations between many early-90s hip-hop and alternative heavyweights. Rolling Stone has published a great oral history piece on the Judgment Night soundtrack, which contains some hilarious details from Sonic Youth’s work with Cypress Hill.

Sonic Youth and Cypress Hill recorded “I Love You Mary Jane” for the soundtrack. Sonic Youth co-founder Kim Gordon spoke about the process, which didn’t start off very smoothly, apparently. It turns out all everyone needed was a little uh… creative boost.

DJ Muggs had never recorded a rock band before working with Sonic Youth. “They played their instruments, but alls I did is take a one-bar loop of their instruments and chopped ’em up in the SP-1200,” said Muggs. “And they were looking at me like, ‘What the fuck is this guy doing?’ It started to make a little sense to them. I started getting more confidence in the process as well because it started making more sense to me. And then she got in there and started singing that hook, and we was like, ‘Yo, this shit just came alive, man.’ It was a light, it just started getting brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter.”

“They wanted us to come in and do this rock thing,” Gordon said. “And we didn’t think that worked so well. We wanted to kind of approach it sideways and feel our way into it.”

“There’s a lot of sitting around, smoking pot, listening to the low end [laughs],” Gordon added. “Just a lot of that. … I’m not sure how much I smoked. You didn’t need to smoke anything, there was so much pot in the air [laughs]. That was amazing.”

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