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King Princess pays tribute to late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins with performance of ‘Let Us Die’ on ‘Fallon’

King Princess took to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she paid tribute to the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins with a performance of “Let Us Die.”

The recorded Hold On Baby version of “Let Us Die” featured one of Hawkins’ final drumming performances before he suddenly passed away in March. During King Princess’ Fallon performance, she donned angel wings and scrawled the word “Taylor” across the drum kit.

While the track isn’t a tribute lyrically, throughout the performance, King Princess glanced up toward the heavens.

Watch King Princess’ performance of “Let Us Die” on The Tonight Show below.

Hold On Baby is set to serve as the follow-up to 2019’s Cheap Queen.

“I’ve only ever written about heartbreak,” King Princess explains of the album. “It felt easier to talk about myself through other people. To write about situations that caused me pain, and to use them to justify my own anxieties and depression. It finally reached a point where I had to turn the barrel on myself. I’m silly, I’m anxious, I’m sad, I’m sexy. I didn’t want to be scared to talk about those things anymore. The infinite dichotomy of things that make me up. I’m not a girl, not quite a boy, a lesbian, but also gay as the day is long.”

In addition to “Let Us Die,” the forthcoming album features previously released singles “For My Friends,” “Change The Locks,” “Cursed,” and “Too Bad.”

Check out the tracklist for Hold On Baby below.

Hold On Baby Tracklist:

01 – “I Hate Myself, I Want To Party”
02 – “Cursed”
03 – “Winter Is Hopeful”
04 – “Little Bother”
05 – “For My Friends”
06 – “Crowbar”
07 – “Hold on Baby Interlude”
08 – “Too Bad”
09 – “Change The Locks”
10 – “Dotted Lines”
11 – “Sex Shop”
12 – “Let Us Die”

“I’m not one thing,” King princess adds. “I’m not sure I like myself, but I’m figuring it out. Hold On Baby is a search for a new heartbreak. It’s a love letter to my girlfriend. It’s a firm read of myself. And it’s a reminder of the totems in my life that give me hope; my dog who is my fiercest companion and the owl that represents my grandparents.”

“I want this album to give you all some strength in accepting ourselves; as chaotic as we can be. It’s not easy being alive and I feel indebted to you all for providing me air to breathe in this insane world. That’s what King Princess has always been about at its core. Making a home for us to feel safe and weird and messy and imperfect. You are not alone in your feelings. I bet you I feel and have felt the same. This album is for anyone who needs a sanctuary to be vulnerable. I’m here with you, and I love you.”

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