City Weighs Transit First King Street Proposal Options

Transit, Pedestrians take centre stage in proposed overhaul for King

Roughly 300 Toronto residents attended a Monday night meeting with city staff to discuss a proposal to transform King Street into a stretch that puts public transit and pedestrians first.

The city unveiled three different proposals to overhaul King from Bathurst Street to Jarvis or Parliament Streets on Monday ahead of the meeting. While the proposals wouldn’t completely eliminate automobile traffic from King Street, they would drastically alter how cars use the road.

The three options presented are alternate loops with dedicated lanes for eastbound and westbound streetcars with an emphasis on pedestrian space and limiting automobile traffic to local and delivery services; individual lanes for streetcars but space for pedestrians remaining the same; a “transit promenade” that would open up more sidewalk space for pedestrians.

“A lot of people, quite frankly, have given up on transit along this corridor,” city chief planner Jennifer Keesmaat said Monday. “It’s the most rapidly densifying area of the entire country and yet the transit service is pretty compromised.”

Keesmaat identified the alternate loop proposal as her preferred option.

Here’s a breakdown of King Street usage.

Plans for further public consultations are in the works, with a pilot project planned for the fall of 2017.

Where do you stand on the proposed plans for King Street?

Main image via via Nic Redhead/Flickr

Proposal images via City of Toronto