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Locals Protested The King Street Pilot Project By Playing Shinny On The Street

At around 12 pm this afternoon, Torontonians began to play a friendly game of street hockey at the corner of King and John Street. The game came as a form of protest against the King Street Pilot Project.

The players were totally courteous to everyone around them (as Canadians are), steering clear of people passing by, and moved for any motorists or streetcars. Others around them also helped to warn them when there were vehicles coming.

Ever since the King St. Pilot started, shops along the street have started complaining about lower customers coming in. One of the King Street Pilot’s most outspoken adversaries, Kit Kat owner Al Carbone, was the organizer behind the protest today.

Cabone has made local headlines several times within the last week, erecting ice sculptures outside his restaurant mocking Mayor John Tory and the city’s decision to make King street mostly car-free. were totally behind the initiative after what the pilot project has cost them. Carbone was see n handing out pasta oto passerby in front of Kit Kat restaurant as a ‘thank you’.

(Photo by IAN KERR via Twitter)

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