King Street Restaurants Under Fire Over Anti-Pilot Project Ice Sculptures

Middle finger ice sculptures cause an uproar

Depending on who you ask, the King Street Pilot Project could be described as a win for public transit riders…or, you could be told it’s been devastating for the area’s restaurants.

Whatever the case, public backlash has been heard. Several King Street businesses are backtracking after middle finger ice sculptures, seemingly aimed at streetcars, are being removed. The first such ice sculpture surfaced in front of Kit Kat restaurant on King Street.

Kit Kat owner Al Carbone recently expressed his frustration of the hit he says his business has taken, and attributes losses to the streetcar-first Pilot Project. Kit Kat’s Twitter account confirmed that they had commissioned a sculpture, and that more were on the way, including one in front of The Office Pub at King Street and John Street. The account also posted a photo that showed Doug Ford engaging in a “brainstorming” session inside Kit Kat.

Ford has been very vocal in his opposition to the Pilot Project.

Some of the ice sculptures were removed as of Thursday afternoon. While debate over the long-term viability of the King Street Pilot Project will continue, it appears that the offensive ice sculpture ploy was an ill-advised move on the part of local businesses.

Image via Twitter/@asifintoronto