Indie88 Video Premiere: Kirty Shares ‘Dream Boat’

A lush indie-pop ballad

As the snow trickles down this weekend, it’s a keen reminder that summer is long gone, and ahead of us are the harsh days of winter. But that won’t stop Toronto singer-songwriter Kirty from warming us up with a brand new video from her recently released self-titled album.

As a core member of the Toronto-based indie-pop group Fast Romantics, you might recognize Kirty as a familiar face, but Kirty’s songwriting sensibilities developed as a young musician, long before her introduction to the band. Her latest effort comes as a music video for “Dream Boat”, a mellow, dream-like ballad that she shot in her hometown of Orillia, with the help of Fast Romantics frontman Matthew Angus.

“This video was conceived in the blink of an eye,” she told Indie88. “The storyline came together pretty naturally, it conveys exactly how I feel in the winter: starved for sun.

“I also quickly signed on my good friend and visual guru Raven Shields — so that she could lead-the-blind in creating the set and wardrobe design visuals that I had stuck in my head. The 3 of us got up at 7 a.m., drove to Orillia, set up camp in my brother’s house (thanks Corey!), worked for 14 hours straight until it was done, and drove home.”

Kirty is available to buy on iTunes via Postwar Records now.