Krist Novoselic Shuts Down Nirvana ‘Reunion’ Criticism with One Simple Tweet

'Kurt does not have email'

Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic joined his former bandmate Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters to perform a cover of The Vaseline’s “Molly’s Lips” last weekend during a show at Seattle’s Safeco Field. Most observers celebrated the Nirvana reunion of sorts, although it’s faced a little bit of backlash online due to the absence of singer-songwriter Kurt Cobain, who died by suicide in 1994.

Novoselic took a humourous approach to shutting down the criticism, noting that he tried to contact Cobain for the reunion but he had some trouble reaching him.

Well played.

Nirvana covered “Molly’s Lips” on their 1992 outtakes and B-sides compilation, Incesticide. It was fun to see Novoselic join former Nirvana drummer Grohl and the Foos for an impromptu “reunion,” and we’ll take what we can get from these titans of 90s grunge at this point.