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Think You Can Stomach Krubera Cave (AKA The 2nd Deepest Cave In The World)?

The Krubera Cave In Georgia Is The Second Deepest Known Cave In The World

The Krubera Cave is a fascinating and super deep hole in the Earth that started to form over five million years ago.

The second deepest known cave on Earth, Krubera Cave is 2197 metres deep. The only cave that’s deeper is Veryovkina Cave, which is also found in Abkhazia / Georgia. The area itself has several hundred caves. They started to form way back when the mountains started to rise… more than five million years ago.

krubera cave
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A total of five of these caves are deeper than 1,000 metres. Krubera, however, is special. It starts high in the mountains, with a narrow entrance that sits at an altitude of 2,256 metres. Inside, it’s often very narrow. In fact, while discovering the true depths of this cave, the explorers had to carve away rock at several points to allow safe passage.

At other points, however, the space of the cave is as large as a subway tunnel. And as far as the depth of Krubera Cave is concerned, to give you context it’s as deep as 6.5 Eiffel Towers stacked on top of each other… underneath the ground!

“Summiting” The Bottom Is No Easy Feat

Yet another super cool thing about Krubera Cave is that it has many tunnels. In fact, a lot of them are flooded, which makes them “sumps”. The deepest sump has been explored up to 52 m deep.

Because of the complicated cave-and-tunnel system within the Krubera Cave, it’s hard to get to the bottom. Since it was discovered in 1960, explorers and scientists have been trying to get deeper and deeper into “the Everest of caves”.

In 2012, a Ukrainian diver named Gennadiy Samokhin explored to the deepest part of the cave, smashing world records. It was a struggle in the cave exploration community to surpass the 2,000 metre mark. Because of this, the discovery of the true depth of Krubera was a celebration for a lot of researchers and scientists.

What You Will Find Inside The Depths Of The Cave

krubera cave
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Inside the depths of the cave looks like a scene from some incredible sci-fi movie.

There are freezing underground waterfalls, and full caves filled with icy water. It’s an entire underground network and tunnels that are so narrow a human can hardly fit through. And yet, they have.

There are also super spacious areas which are just begging to be explored. Basically, the inside of Krubera Cave is an explorer’s paradise, full of wonders and sights not previously seen by human eyes!

krubera cave
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How Difficult Is It To Visit Krubera Cave?

krubera cave
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It’s definitely not easy to visit and explore Krubera Cave. Descending in Krubera, one of the explorers said that it’s like “climbing an inverted Mount Everest”.

Because of this, prep is long and hard. There’s very specific training that you’d need to take in order to even consider for such a task. Going to such depths requires a level of lung training that few people will ever be able to experience.

On top of that, getting there is a trip! Please note that the area where the cave is located is currently occupied by Russia, so travel there is obviously not a good idea at the time this article was written.

Check out this link for more detailed info about exploring Krubera Cave, released by a local authority. May you enjoy all of your adventures in the magical world of cave exploration!

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