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‘Labyrinth’ Sequel Film Reportedly in the Works

Screenwriter Nicole Perlman took to Twitter this weekend to clarify rumours that a reboot of Jim Henson’s iconic Labyrinth was in the works.

Headlines ran amok this weekend after it was speculated that the 1986 film was being written again as a reboot. The film was made popular in part due to David Bowie’s role as the Goblin King, which re-sparked interest in the project for many after his death earlier this month.

Perlman, the screenwriter for Marvel’s recent Guardians of the Galaxy was signed on to write for the new Labyrinth project this weekend with Sony owned TriStar. Rather than a full on reboot, Perlman says the new film will be a sequel to the 1986 film.

Labyrinth follows a young Jennifer Connelly, who searches for her younger brother after he was abducted by The Goblin King, held up in his puzzle-filled, fantastical castle.

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