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Lake Khiluk (‘Spotted Lake’) Is One Of BC’s Most Stunning

Lake Khiluk (AKA Canada’s ‘Spotted Lake’) Is An Unusually Magical Sight

The world is so full of beautiful sights, and Lake Khiluk in British Columbia, Canada, is right up near the top of that list.

The ethereal appearance of this gorgeous lake near Osoyoos draws visitors from all over. As the most “mineralized” lake in the world, it looks different than anything you’ve ever seen.

What Caused The “Spotted Lake” To Become “Spotted?”

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There are 365 spots on Lake Khiluk that contain a unique chemical compound. The minerals that make up these spots include magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate, and calcium. Further, there are extremely high levels of silver and titanium.

In the summertime, which is very hot near Osoyoos, the water of Lake Khiluk evaporates, leaving behind these colourful mineral deposits. Magnesium sulfate crystallizes in the summer, which plays a big role in the colour of all the spots in this stunning lake.

The Area Is Important To Local Indigenous Cultures

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For centuries, the local First Nations of the Okanagan Valley have praised the lake for having healing properties. It’s long been considered a place of mystery, because the intense concentration of minerals was thought to have mystical healing powers.

In addition to having the healing powers, the First Nations people consider the lake a sacred site. Because of this, they fought local landowners for years in an attempt to purchase the property surrounding the lake and preserve its natural state.

They fought off attempts to commercialize the lake, and in October of 2001, finally were able to purchase 22 hectares of the land for just over $700,000.

How To See Lake Khiluk For Yourself

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You can see the lake as you drive by on the highway, and you can also feel free to stop and observe from afar. In fact, a lot of people will stop on the way by, just to behold this gorgeous natural wonder.

In fact, the CBC calls Spotted Lake one of the most magical places in Canada. Fortunately, it’s not only accessible, but super friendly to tourists. The Okanagan is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the province.

How To Get There

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If you’re planning a trip to Osoyoos, or even the surrounding areas of Oliver, Penticton, or Kelowna, you can take a stop at the Spotted Lake. It’s easy enough as it’s just off the Crowsnest Highway, right by Maverick Estate Winery and just outside of Osoyoos Lake.

Plug this into your GPS, and get ready to see one of the most mystical natural wonders in the entire country!

Where To Stay at Lake Khiluk

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There are so many incredible places to stay in this area, and plenty to fit most budgets. You can check out a range of the offerings near Osoyoos on Airbnb.com.

You can also book one of their hotels, but keep in mind that the high season of the summer months have elevated pricing as well as many more people.

Your best option is to stay with a friend or family member, as they’re so used to it living in such a popular part of the country.

Can You Swim In Spotted Lake?

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As much as it would be lovely to experience the healing powers of the lake firsthand by going for a dunk, you can’t. There’s a fence around the lake to protect the area. Keep in mind this is a sacred medicine site to local Aboriginal groups. Please observe and respect this area, and of course leave any viewing areas free of rubbish.

Because it’s such a tourist attraction and natural wonder, Lake Khiluk needs to be protected and preserved to the best of the local area’s ability.

Other Things To Do At Lake Khiluk

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There are so many things to do near Lake Khiluk. Osoyoos and the surrounding area has wine tours, hiking, boating, incredible dining, and beach days to die for!

Check out this list of 14 cool things to do in the Okanagan in the summertime. There’s so much chill in this area of the country, you’ll want to take at least a week to get the full experience.

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