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Lana Del Rey and Chris Evans Speak Out Against Kanye West’s Views on Trump

Lana Del Rey, who played Kanye and Kim Kardashian-West’s wedding, and Captain America Chris Evans spoke out against Kanye West’s pro-Trump speech on Saturday Night Live‘s season 44 premiere and the tweets that ensued.

After the episode aired, West took to Twitter and defended his decision to wear a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat, where he even advocates for the abolishment of the 13th amendment (the amendment that ended slavery).

Allegedly, West’s problem with the 13th amendment is that it also allows for prisoners to be used for forced labour, which he failed to articulate.

Both Lana Del Rey and Captain America himself confronted the renowned rap artist.

Del Rey, who has previously urged her fans to cast a witch spell on Trump, commented on one of West’s recent Instagram post, writing that “Trump becoming our president was a loss for our country but your support of him is a loss for the culture.”

Evans also personally responded to Kanye West’s pro-Trump tweets, stating that “There’s nothing more maddening than debating someone who doesn’t know history, doesn’t read books, and frames their myopia as virtue.”

Looks like Kanye’s going to have to watch out for Del Rey’s black magic and Evans’ protective shield.

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