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Lana Del Rey Unveils Herself in Maxim Interview

Rock star seductress Lana Del Rey recently got intimate with Maxim. She sat down with the magazine to discuss how she came to be “America’s sultriest and edgiest pop-music sensation” and stripped down for a photo shoot.

It all began when Del Rey signed with an indie label in 2007, but ended up buying herself out of it. “I really wanted to keep making music,” she tells Maxim, “but my label had shelved my records for two years. And I…I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to incorporate cinematic strings with a heavier, nastier sound and lyrics.”

From blonde, innocent Lizzy Grant, she became dark-haired, provocative Lana Del Rey. In the interview she says, “when I went darker with my hair, I don’t know why, but people took my music more seriously.”

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Del Rey’s 2012 SNL performance caused a lot of backlash from critics and viewers alike. However, her 2014 album Ultraviolence sold seven million copies worldwide, and debuted as number one on iTunes in eighty countries.

Read the full interview on Maxim‘s website.

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