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Lana Gay Joins The Indie88 On-Air Team

lanaI’m Lana, nice to meet you. I’m new at Indie, but I’m a giant indie music nerd, so I should fit in fine, right?

Things I like: Canadian indie music, beer, nachos, friendship, anything to do with Dolly Parton
Things I don’t like: rats with wings (pigeons), tie dye, devilled eggs, jerks

One of my goals is to have my own nachos on the Sneaky Dee’s menu (like DFA and F**cked Up did.) Here’s the order: King’s Crown, no meat, add lettuce + hot sauce. Try it. It also needs a name, help a gal out?

Some questions for you (that don’t involve naming nachos):

What song could you listen to every day?
What song do you never want to hear ever again?
Is Kombucha just rotten tea?

I need answers, people!
Tweet me @lanagay
Let’s be pals.

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