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Indie88 Premiere: Language Arts Share “Through” Video

The sophomore album of Nova Scotia-originating band, Language Arts’ Able Island is chock full of bright, inquisitive art-pop tunes, and today the band has shared a lyric video from one of it’s preeminent tracks, “Through”.

Frontwoman Kristen Cudmore’s bright and curious vocals are accompanied by swelling synths and drums that move back and forth between rock and disco, creating a feeling of other-worldliness. It’s the same “alienation” Cudmore points out in her lyrics that occurs when a friendship goes bad between two people, when one of which isn’t pulling their weight. Calling out “A liar liar”, this person has “never come through on anything that [they] say that [they’ll] do”, and no matter how many time you try to fix it, “The loop goes on and on”.

But it all comes to a certain boiling point, as Cudmore puts it:

The tune is that exact moment when you realize someone’s harshing your vibe and you’re losing your lid trying to make it smooth, but it is beyond your control so you’ve got to cut some chuds out!

Watch the video for “Through” below:

Language Arts will be headlining The Horseshoe Tavern Friday with Programm, Lou Canon and Century Thief, November 4th presented by Indie88.


As well, don’t miss Language Arts’ performance of “Through” in the Collective Arts Black Box.

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