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Lawn Mower Racing Is The Creative Sport Bringing The “Grass Car” To NASCAR

Yep- Lawn Mower Racing Is A Thing (And Honestly It Looks Awesome) 

Who cares if you don’t have enough money to get into race-car driving. Now, lawn mower racing is making the whole culture of vehicle racing accessible, and funner than you can imagine.

Getting behind the wheel of a lawnmower to travel at elevated speeds down a racetrack with other lawnmowers sounds like an absolute blast. It’s like go-carts, but slightly more serious. Lawnmowers do have an important purpose, after all. They’ve replaced the need for livestock to chew down the grass… and now they’ve replaced Formula 1 race cars too.

Well, maybe we can’t quite go that far, but they sure are trying.

How Does A Lawn Mower Race Go Down Anyways?

lawnmower racing
Image: @redbulluk on Instagram

Who knew lawn mower racing has been a thing since the 70s?

People in the UK have been jacking up their lawn mowers for decades, and the sport is now really catching on in the States, as well as in Canada. In fact, The 12 Hours of Wisborough Green has made lawn mower racing cheap, accessible, and full of adrenaline rushes.

They basically took the ridiculously expensive world of motorsports, and turned it into a fun even where anyone with a lawnmower can compete. There are now a lot of these lawnmower championships events popping up across Europe and North America, and they’re a blast through and through.

These Modified Mowers Can Really Haul (Gr)ass

You won’t believe how these things can be souped up to go really high speeds!

There are racing-quality lawnmowers that can go over 96 miles per hour! My mom’s car can barely go that fast without starting to smoke! There’s even a United States Lawn Mower Racing Association, which acts as the governing body for the sport in the USA.

They’re like the grass car of NASCAR. While countries in Europe and the USA have friendly quarrels over who had the first lawnmower race, suffice to say that both of them have put a lot into the machines.

You can race in the “stock class” which is essentially racing machines that are still lawnmowers. But you can also elevate to the “experimental class”, which is full of mowers that go an average of 60 miles per hour. In all classes, the blades are removed for safety.

How Common Are Accidents?

lawnmower racing
Image: @cowpieshow on Instagram

In order to stay on the track, the people behind the wheel of these lawnmowers really need to learn how to shift their weight. The seriously fast mowers don’t move like other vehicles, so a lot of practice is necessary.

Despite what you may think, lawnmowers don’t ride like go-carts and they can be hugely risky to ride. In fact, lawnmowers kill more people than bears, sharks, and alligators. However, a lot of these accidents happen in the home environment.

Accidents do happen on the track, but they are rare. It’s important to remember that the lawnmowers take on a whole new risk level once you’re riding them for sport. Riders take extreme caution to employ safety measures, and the tracks are often equipped with safety equipment as well.

Where Do These Races Happen?

lawnmower racing
Image: @misszoelauren92 on Instagram

The sport of lawnmower racing attracts all ages. Regardless of how competitive people get, there’s an underlying element of fun and playfulness to the sport, which makes it super attractive to a family audience.

There are plenty of races that happen in the UK such as the Lawn Mower Grand Prix. In the United States, the Twelve Mile 500 is a lawn mower race held in Indiana. A lot of the races are in smaller towns, and really bring the community together.

You can check out the 20 best lawnmower racing groups on Facebook to get more info on races. You can also browse the Lawnmower Racing Hall of Fame. While you’re in there, pay close attention. If you want to be a famous lawnmower racer, you’ll want to pay attention to the top of the top to ensure your success.

lawnmower racing
Image: @redbulluk on Instagram

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