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LCBO Launches Home Delivery Service

You’ve joked about it for years, but it looks as though your wildest dreams have come true: LCBO is now doing home deliveries — but at a cost, of course.

On Tuesday, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario launched LCBO.com, their expanded online shopping platform that gives customers access of nearly 5000 products from 85 countries around the world. The new online shopping tool offers two options for delivery: shipped directly to any LCBO store for free, or to customers home through Canada Post for a $12 delivery charge.

LCBO.com offers 800 products that until now have not been able for purchase in their brick and mortar stores. The liquor board is affording smaller, local batches for purchase on their new found shopping platform.

In a press statement, the LCBO’s union president Mike Palecek affirmed the same age verification would still be in place. “Our members are perfectly capable of delivering this in a timely manner and verifying ID to ensure this doesn’t fall into the hands of minors,” he said.

Direct shipping to your home has a minimum delivery order of $50, meaning you most likely should use this to stock up on big orders, or to split it with a friend. Home deliveries can be expected from two to three days, where deliveries to an LCBO store can take between four and twelve days according to CBC.

Happy shopping!

Image courtesy LCBO via Flickr

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