LCBO Recalls Vodka Brand Due To Accidental 81% Alcoholic Content

Bring on the buzz

This is literally the equivalent of drinking rubbing alcohol, a bad batch to say the least.

Georgian Bay Vodka drinkers got an extra bang for their buck after the Toronto-based Gin Company failed to properly dilute their ‘Georgian Bay Vodka’. Some Toronto customers were left with vodka with an extremely hefty alcohol content, more than double the regular 40 percent.

Clearly, it’s not healthy to consume alcohol with a content as high as 81%. The LCBO recalled the vodka on Wednesday and has yet to hear of any illnesses caused by consumption. 654 bottles have been removed from store shelves but any customers and licensees who have bottles from the affected batch should go get themselves a full refund!

We have a strong feeling whoever has bought the 81% percent Vodka is either loving the increase or experiencing the worst hangover of their lives.

Image via Pixabay