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LCD Soundsystem’s Gavin Russom Comes Out as Transgender

LCD Soundsystem’s Gavin Russom has come out as a transgender woman, personally confirming the news with an Instagram post captioned, “Gavin Rayna Russom.”

The announcement has been a long time coming. Russom, now 43, describes the struggle to come to terms with her own identity amidst the industry stress and cultural stigma attached to trans identity.

Taking time off from touring and recording in 2016 allowed Russom to turn her attention to self care. In an interview with Pitchfork Russom mentions the impact of transgender support groups in New York City. “It allowed me to hear all these different perspectives and see the ways in which the trans experience is so varied and so individual,” she says of the diverse community.

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“Maybe the most important kernel is realizing that being a transgender person is really a real thing,” she responds when questioned about the process of acceptance. The lack of trans visibility in the music industry has been an invisible obstacle for Russom who has made past attempts to make her identity known only to be met with misidentification, even having been, “assaulted on a number of occasions.” She notes that while it has not been an easy process by any means it has been incredibly liberating, “Over the last year and a half, I went from my trans identity being something I was in touch with and worked through in one way or another, to suddenly this shift where it’s on the front burner. Now it’s time to become a whole person.”

She adds: “To some degree I wish I had been able to work through it sooner, but I’m also very glad that I worked it the way I did. Having gone through 42 and a half years of being in denial and trying to work through this stuff has given me a lot of experience.”

Russom will make a debut solo performance at Pitchfork music festival where she will play a DJ set during Femmes Room, a space dedicated to queer and femme culture.


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