July Talk’s Leah Fay Talks New Movie ‘Diamond Tongues’

Film runs for a week at the TIFF Bell Lightbox beginning August 7.

Leah Fay of July Talk is making her acting debut in Diamond Tongues, a film about an aspiring actress that’s full of self-doubt. Frontman Peter Dreimanis also worked on the film, as a cinematographer

Check out the trailer above

Leah says she didn’t find her character Edith Welland easy to embrace, confessing, “She’s pretty awful.” “I said to Pavan, ‘If I’m really bad at this, you have to let me know and you have to fire me and hire someone else.’”

Having Peter working on the film, Leah said, enhanced her comfort level. “I’m not sure that either of us would have been able to commit to doing the film without the other person.”

July Talk is currently working on a new album, so there’s no need to worry if Fay’s acting will take over her singing career. “We’ve got a bunch of songs and we’re hoping to go into the studio in September,” she says. “Hopefully, a single will be out by sometime in the winter early next year, and we’re very excited about it.”

Diamond Tongues is having a weeklong run at the TIFF Bell Lightbox beginning August 7.