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LeBron James and ‘Black Panther’ Director Teaming Up for ‘Space Jam 2’

At last, a sequel to the 1996 Michael Jordan-Looney Tunes mashup, Space Jam, is coming. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that LeBron James and Black Panther director Ryan Coogler have united to help bring Space Jam 2 to life.

Coogler will produce the film, with Terence Nance tabbed to direct. The film will star James, obviously, and Bugs Bunny. Spring Hill Entertainment effectively double confirmed the news, tweeting out a playful photo highlighting key cast and crew members.

“The Space Jam collaboration is so much more than just me and the Looney Tunes getting together and doing this movie,” James told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s so much bigger. I’d just love for kids to understand how empowered they can feel and how empowered they can be if they don’t just give up on their dreams. And I think Ryan did that for a lot of people.”

The film is tentatively scheduled for a 2019 release.

Image via Flickr/Keith Allison

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