Legal cannabis edibles to be sold in Canada by mid-December

Cannabis gummies, beverages, topicals, and more will finally be available

Cannabis edibles, extracts, topicals, beverages, and more will finally be sold legally in Canada, by mid-December 2019. Organized Crime Reduction Minister Bill Blair is expected to make a formal announcement on Friday.

According to a report from Radio Canada, regulations will arrive by October 17, 2019, exactly one year after dried cannabis products and oils were legalized. Licensed producers will be required to provide 60 days notice to Health Canada of plans to roll out products.

The arrival of edible cannabis products will be met with a bevy of regulations. Here’s a look at what’s allowed, and what will be off the table, via CBC:

Cannabis-infused alcoholic beverages, and cannabis products containing tobacco, nicotine or caffeine, will be prohibited.

Health Canada will maintain strict rules on labelling to prevent companies from making the products more attractive to young people.

The packaging and labelling must have a clear cannabis symbol, a health warning listing the product’s Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidol (CBD) content, very limited use of logos and colours and child-resistant packaging.

Restaurants will be prohibited from serving cannabis-infused food and drinks.