Legal Skating Returns to Grenadier Pond

For the first time since 2001, you can lace your skates and glide on the High Park pond.

Yesterday, city council approved councilor Sarah Doucette’s plan for an ice-testing program.

Originally asking for $50,000 in funding, she has reduced the proposed amount to $25,000, saying that this is the “bare, bare minimum”.

Though opposing councilors and city lawyers say that starting this program will heighten the city’s liability if someone falls through the ice, Doucette says that “right now we could have over 200 people on the ice skating — they are ignoring your signs. I’m sorry, they are.”

People have been illegally skating on the ice in High Park for over a century, despite the “No Skating” signs.


(Photo by BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives via Flickr)

City staff will now be trained to check the ice daily. They will place a red flag if deemed unsafe, and a yellow “skate at your own risk” flag if they deem the ice safe.

But don’t get too excited: city staff estimates that the pond will only have between five and ten safe skating days this winter.


Main image courtesy Seyemon via Flickr