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Leonardo DiCaprio is Remaking ‘Captain Planet’

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Twitter bio reads “Actor and Environmentalist”, and it looks like he’s finally found a way to combine both those passions.

The actor’ production company, Appian Way, is currently working on attaining rights to the semi-popular 90’s cartoon show Captain Planet. The show followed a group of environmentally conscious teenagers who combined their powers to summon a green-haired superhero to help prevent environmental disasters.

The project is to be remade into a live action, feature-length film and take on a much darker tone. Appian Way is lining up writers to write a story about the superhero way past his formative years, as a “washed-up has-been,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Currently Scream Queens‘s Glen Powell and his writing partner Jono Matt (Sons of Anarchy, Glee) are in talks with Paramount.

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