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Leslieville Mental Wellness Loft Facing Closure

In just a short time, Shelley Marshall has created a tight-knit community in Leslieville, thanks to her Mental Wellness Loft. The loft, which has been open as a drop-in centre for less than a year, serves as both her home and a safe space for those living with mental illness.

Now, the comedian and artist is facing the kind of nightmare that many Toronto renters face, an eviction notice that gives Marshall and her husband six months to find a new place to live. As Marshall’s lease comes to an end, her landlord has expressed plans to turn the building into a commercial space. This means that Marshall can choose to lease a new space in the building, but she will be asked to pay $1,000 more and she won’t be allowed to live there. Marshall and her husband would also be forced to renovate a new loft after putting their heart and soul into redesigning the space that they’re being evicted from.

Toronto's Mental Wellness Loft

Toronto's Mental Wellness Loft has an open door policy to those living with mental illness: http://bit.ly/2m70STc

Posted by Indie88Toronto on Thursday, March 9, 2017

This news means an end to the Mental Wellness Loft in Leslieville, a space that was born out of Marshall’s dream to help others after her own experiences with mental health.

However, CBC has recently reported that Marshall doesn’t plan on cutting her dream short. In fact, she has been busy putting an offer on a house in a small town in Nova Scotia called Bear River. According to the report, Marshall had spent some time in the town last summer and fell in love with it. Her current plan is to turn the house into a mental wellness centre.

“I’m not ever going to stop,” Marshall told CBC. “This isn’t going to crush my dreams.”

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