Let’s All Ruin Our Weekends By Watching This Creepy Smartphone Robotic Finger

Why reach for your phone when it can crawl to you?

Given that we spend more time on our mobile devices now than ever, it was only a matter of time before someone developed a product that offered some form of companionship between us and our phones. Thankfully(???) MobiLimb has finally come up with that robotic, wrist-stroking, finger that’s forever been missing from our handheld devices.

Human-computer interaction researcher Marc Teyssier has led development on MobiLimb, a robotic finger-like appendage that attaches to your smartphone. The finger can pull your device across a surface and even stroke its user’s wrist upon receiving a emoji text reply.

Check out this creepy little robo-finger below.

MobiLimb also doubles as a joystick for your phone’s mobile games. You can also use it to prop your device up on a surface for watching videos or reading.