Liam Gallagher stops concert four songs in due to vocal issues

The concert in Hamburg stopped just four songs in

U.K. singer-songwriter Liam Gallagher had to stop his concert in Hamburg, Germany last night due to vocal issues.

Gallagher only got the chance to perform four songs before walking off the stage. This included the Oasis track “Rock’n’Roll Star,” followed by “Halo” and “Shockwave” from his second solo studio album Why Me? Why Not. released last September and “Wall of Glass” from the 2017 solo album As You Were.

In a tweet last night, Gallagher apologized to the crowd in Hamburg, stating he didn’t want to cause more damage to his voice. This morning, he tweeted that his vocal chords are inflamed, but he hopes to perform in Amsterdam on February 7th.

Gallagher still has 10 shows left in his tour around Europe this February.