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Liberals planning to create a gender-sensitive budget

The Liberals put together a federal budget with a main goal of finding solutions for setbacks women face in the workforce.

Taking a step in addressing and solving the problems of gender equality in the workforce, Finance Minister Bill Morneau stated on Power & Politics the new budget “is going to help us to ensure that women are more successful in our economy.”

With a gender-focused economic strategy, it can increase the number of women in the workforce, as well as work towards solving issues that many women and girls will or have experienced in the work force.

A considerable wage gap still remains, and this is reflected in the number of women working in executive roles and trade jobs in Canada.

The budget plans to fix these issues by having $7-billion be available for early learning and child care spaces, as the budget document states that Canada lacks in the affordability and availability of these services compared to other countries.

The budget also plans to have longer parental leave options for parents who have just had a baby, being able to choose between the 12-month leave to an 18-month leave, but with a lower benefit rate. It also proposes the option for a 12-week maternity leave instead of 8-weeks.

These changes are made in an attempt to help give women an equal opportunity in the workforce by having these resources provided for them.

Although it seems like it’s a step in the right direction, some politicians, such as former Saskatchewan finance minister Janice MacKinnon and interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose, say that in order for equality in the workplace to happen, everyone needs to be treated equal, and that this gender sensitive budget might receive a small backlash down the road.

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