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There’s A Life Size Jason Voorhees Statue In Crystal Lake

In the ending of Friday the 13th part VI, the characters defeat the serial killer and manage to trap him in the bottom of a lake.

Then, years later, some genius scuba diver decided to put a life size Jason Voorhees statue at the bottom of Crystal Lake. He originally did it to freak out other scuba divers.

But if you’re thinking that there’s maybe too much congruency here, don’t worry. It’s a different Crystal Lake.

No… Not That Crystal Lake

Isn’t it weird that Jason Vorhees, the killer in the Friday the 13th movies, has a life size statue at the bottom of Crystal Lake?

In 2013, diver Curtis Lahr came up with a super scary prank. He decided to create a life size Jason Vorhees statue and dump it at the bottom of Crystal Lake.

But that’s where it gets interesting! It’s not in New Jersey, where the movie was filmed. It’s in the Crystal Lake in Minnesota.

This guy sure thought through this prank!

Jason Vorhees statue
Caption: YouTube screengrab

Meet The Man Who Created The Life Size Jason Voorhees Statue

Curtis Lahr uploaded a video of his submerged dummy to YouTube in 2013.

The footage is super creepy. It’s so dark and watery down there. I can’t even imagine swimming along with oxygen and mask, and all of a sudden it looks like you’re coming across a dead body.

And then you realize that this dead body is wearing a hockey mask and is carrying a machete!

But seriously, how smart and downright macabre is this idea?

So much so, that the internet is referring to him as “the artist” who left the Jason Vorhees statue in Crystal Lake.

Where To Find Jason (If You’re Brave Enough)

If you are interested in checking out this Jason Vorhees statue, the artist has been generous enough to provide directions. This makes sense that he would do this, because really, every artist wants their art and creations to be appreciated.

And seriously, if I’d have created such a crazy thing — under water at that — I would want people to go and check it out as well!

In his YouTube video, Lahr writes:

“He’s in Louise. Very easy to find if you know the pit. Swim straight out from the access to the training platform, continue past it staying to the right and follow the drop-off ledge, on the way you should see a snowmobile, and eventually a sail boat with a dingy behind it will show up on your left. Your computer should say about 60 feet. From there, keep on the drop-off ledge and you’ll see Marissa the mermaid chained to a large diameter pipe. Follow the pipe down and you’ll see Jason. Can’t remember the exact depth, I think the bottom is 120 feet, but Jason is floating above the bottom a bit — maybe 110 feet or so. Visibility hasn’t been very good so I would recommend a light.”

There you have it! Please be careful though… Jason always had an other-worldly quality to him, so let’s hope he doesn’t come back to life as he seemed to do so many times in the movies!

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