Like a Motorcycle roll out sophomore album ‘Dead Broke,’ share video for ‘Punk Two’

Halifax foursome share raucous follow-up to 2016 debut

Halifax-based punk outfit Like A Motorcycle have returned with a follow-up to their 2016 debut High Hopes. Dead Broke arrives today, via Known Accomplice.

The foursome recorded the album in Vancouver with producer Howard Redekopp (Tegan and Sara, Mother Mother). Like A Motorcycle have also unveiled a brand new video for the song “Punk Two” to go along with the album’s arrival.

Watch the latest from Like A Motorcycle below.

More info on Dead Broke, via official release:

Since their 2016 debut High Hopes, they’ve been tested by just about every obstacle imaginable: navigating substance abuse, internal romantic break-ups, health issues, and a former record label that nearly tanked them, while having nothing to their name except the band that’s kept them together. Overcoming this all, the band sacrificed a lot to get Dead Broke made – they even sold their long-time van (and 5th member) Herb.

The 13-track album dives into more egregious aspects of being a rock band, and humans at large – witnessing your idols abuse their positions of power, financial uncertainty, struggling with mental health/trauma, familial separation, and heartbreak… all while being dead broke.

Stream Dead Broke:

Image via KT Lamond