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Limblifter (Collective Arts Black Box Sessions)

“Limblifter – that name means something to me. I can’t articulate exactly what it is, but there’s a casualness to it. It’s not super serious; it has to be fun and exciting.” – Ryan Dahle

Although it’s been 10 years since we’ve last heard a new Limblifter album, frontman Ryan Dahle has certainly been keeping busy, producing with artists including Hot Hot Heat and k-os, or with his role as 1/3rd of the Canadian indie supergroup Mounties. The band has just released a new record, Pacific Milk, and they joined us in the Collective Arts Black Box studio to perform a couple tunes.

Check out the session above, where the band performs a new arrangement of “Ariel vs. Lotus”, a classic from 2000, and a song from their new album, “Hotel Knife”.

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