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Listen: 10 Great Songs In Under 20 Minutes

Songs don’t need to be the length of Rush’s “2112” or Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” to be great. Here is a list of 10 tunes you can listen to in under 20 minutes. Each track comes in under 2 minutes, aside from one… but it’s only over by 9 seconds. What are some of your favourite “short” songs? Take a look at some great ones below.

The Kooks – “Seaside”

A soft acoustic number coming in at just 1:41 that can be found on their 2006 debut record Inside In/Inside Out.

Alabama Shakes – “Goin’ to the Party”

Another song to be found on a debut record, “Goin’ to the Party” is a slow and almost creepy tune from Boys and Girls.

Said the Whale – “More Than This”

It’s the opening track to their latest record Hawaiii and even though it leaves you wanting more, it’s perfect at 1:25.

White Stripes – “Fell in Love With a Girl”

If you’re talking about great songs that are under 2 minutes, this is your band. There are a ridiculous amount to chose from but we went with a classic.

Bahamas – “Any Other Way”

A quiet song about becoming a father could be the sweetest song ever written, well under the 2 minute mark at just a minute and three seconds.

The Shins – “The Celibate Life”

From the album Oh Inverted World the track features the very distinctive vocals of James Mercer over some sharp snare sounds and twangy guitars.

The Smiths – “Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want”

Originally released as a B-side to “William, It Was Really Nothing”, the song was thrown on a compilation of albums Hatful of Hollow and Louder Than Bombs

Vampire Weekend – “Young Lion


From the Grammy Award winning Modern Vampires of the City, “Young Lions” is a piano focused track that closes the album.

The Avett Brothers – “Geraldine”

Found on their 2012 release, The Carpenter, “Gerladine” is a upbeat, piano heavy track with great harmonies from Seth and Scott.


Pup – “Mabu” 

Honourable Mention goes to hometown rockers Pup, just 9 seconds too long, but they play it so quick live I’m sure they shave them off.

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