Listen: Aidan Knight releases new track ‘Rolodex’

His self-titled album is set for release on August 28

Vancouver Island’s Aidan Knight has shared a new single “Rolodex” from his forthcoming self-titled album, which is set for release on August 28th.

The psychedelic new track revolves around a rollicking instrumental that weaves in and out of Knight’s smooth vocal lines. “Rolodex” comes packed with powerful lyricism, as Knight delivers lines like, “Try to stay together for the kids/ It’s easier to forget about yourself/ and what’s good about you.”

“It’s a song exploring my intrusive thoughts about relationships and divorce and having kids,” Knight explains. “What a dark thing to worry about and wonder about and write a song about. I find it’s helpful to write and process it, instead of pretending like it’s not a thing or it doesn’t exist. I had been writing quite a few love songs and this was a good foil for too many sweet sentiments on one record.”

Listen to “Rolodex” and check out the tracklist for Aidan Knight below.

Aidan Knight Tracklist:

01 – “Julia In The Garden”
02 – “La La”
03 – “Sixteen Stares”
04 – “Veni Vidi Vici”
05 – “Mary Turns The Pillow”
06 – “Slacker II”
07 – “St Kieran’s”
08 – “Houston, TX”
09 – “Rolodex”
10 – “Renovations”
11 – “These Days”