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Listen: Ali Comerford sings of unfulfilling relationships on debut single ‘He Knows’

After performing viola in classical ensembles for 14 years, Kilkenny singer and multi-instrumentalist Ali Comerford has shared her debut single, “He Knows.”

While her music definitely has some classical influences, it leans toward a stunning acoustic folk packed with layered string instruments and beautiful vocal melodies.

“‘He Knows’ is a lilting song about leaving an unfulfilling relationship, the ups and downs of seeking support elsewhere and the resignation that the truth will always come out,” Comerford explains.

Listen to “He Knows” below.

“I started writing ‘He Knows’ when I was traveling from New Samoa to Hawaii but I actually ended up finishing the song a few months later in Toronto and it was there that I performed it for the first time ever at an open mic night at the Free Times Cafe,” Comerford continues. “It was a rough time for me, I was traveling a lot for work (playing classical music in a chamber group) and I was deciding to end a relationship that I had clung to for too long. I was searching for acceptance and I ended up giving too much in the process. As soon as I wrote the first line ‘when all I feel is taken from…’ that was the beginning of the end.”

Comerford is gearing up for the release of her debut album.

Lead photo courtesy of Shane Hatton Photography.

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