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LISTEN: Animal Collective Announce New Album and Release “FloriDada”

Animal Collective have officially announced their new album Painting With, which will be out February 19 on Domino Records and to whet our musical appetites, they’ve also shared the album’s first single, “FloriDada”. The new track contains many of Animal Collective’s signature stylings – tripped out 60s pop, organic sounds processed to wild effect, and spiralling vocal harmonies. In short, its a delightful sonic trip.

The album will be available with three different covers, each one featuring a psychedelic painting of one of the band members done by Brian DeGraw.


01 FloriDada
02 Hocus Pocus
03 Vertical
04 Lying in the Grass
05 The Burglars
06 Natural Selection
07 Bagels In Kiev
08 On Delay
09 Spilling Guts
10 Summing The Wretch
11 Golden Gal
12 Recycling

Album Artwork

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