Listen: Arcade Fire’s Sarah Neufeld shares new single ‘Stories,’ announces forthcoming solo album ‘Detritus’

'Detritus' is set for release on May 14

Arcade Fire and Bell Orchestre’s Sarah Neufeld has announced her forthcoming solo album Detritus, and as part of the announcement, she’s shared the album’s lead single, “Stories.”

The forthcoming album marks the follow-up to 2016’s The Ridge, and it’s set for release on May 14th via Paper Bag/One Little Independent. It’s set to feature Arcade Fire’s Jeremy Gara and Bell Orchestre’s Pietro Amato, and was made as an accompaniment to live dance performances from choreographer Peggy Baker’s dance company.

“I was inspired by both a sense of interior aloneness, and a sense of deep intimacy,” Neufeld explains of the record. “Within both, a profound questioning of identity and intention, and ultimately, a grieving over one’s former sense of self. The stories we’ve told ourselves that we can no longer believe.”

Listen to “Stories” below.

“Nestled within deep layers of comfort, familiarity, and solace, I’m able to repeat myself again and again, never learning, never looking back,” Neufeld continues. “Simultaneously becoming wiser and more ignorant as the years wind on, beauty and grace exist even here, in this rift.”

Check out the tracklist for Detritus below.
Detritus Tracklist:

01 – “Stories”
02 – “Unreflected”
03 – “With Love And Blindness”
04 – “The Top”
05 – “Tumble Down The Undecided”
06 – “Shed Your Dear Heart”
07 – “Detritus”