Listen: Arcade Fire’s Sarah Neufeld shares title track from forthcoming album ‘Detritus’

'Detritus' arrives tomorrow, May 14

Arcade Fire and Bell Orchestre’s Sarah Neufeld is set to release her immersive album, Detritus, tomorrow (May 14th) via Paper Bag Records, and today she’s previewed the collection with its title track.

“‘Detritus,’ the title track to my new album which comes out this week, represents a sense of rest, of continuity through the cycle between darkness and light, and ultimately, recovery,” Neufeld explains of the song.

The slow-burning new track opens with an ominous instrumental line before building and building into layered, eerie, ambient melodies.

Listen to “Detritus” below.

The forthcoming album marks the follow-up to 2016’s The Ridge, and it’s set for release on May 14th via Paper Bag/One Little Independent. It’s set to feature Arcade Fire’s Jeremy Gara and Bell Orchestre’s Pietro Amato, and was made as an accompaniment to live dance performances from choreographer Peggy Baker’s dance company.

“I was inspired by both a sense of interior aloneness, and a sense of deep intimacy,” Neufeld explains of the record. “Within both, a profound questioning of identity and intention, and ultimately, a grieving over one’s former sense of self. The stories we’ve told ourselves that we can no longer believe.”