Listen: Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders and Joe Carnall collaborate on new project Good Cop Bad Cop, release ‘Silk & Leather’

A new collaboration from the seasoned indie rockers

Seasoned indie rock musician Joe Carnall has begun a new adventure with Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders, as they’ve begun a new collaborative project called Good Cop Bad Cop. They’ve also released their first track under the moniker, which is called “Silk & Leather.”

The project focuses on the space between machine and man, as their music centralizes on synthesizers and analytical, humanist lyrics. “Silk & Leather” is a polished vintage-style electronic tune that focuses in on Carnall’s brooding vocals. The Helders produced tune creates a contemplative, colourful offering that’s sure to get you dancing along.

Listen to “Silk & Leather” below.