Listen: Art d’Ecco covers The Jam’s ‘That’s Entertainment’

Following the release of his new album 'In Standard Definition'

Following the release of his new album, In Standard Definition, last month, Art d’Ecco has returned with a cover of the Jam’s “That’s Entertainment.”

The cover follows themes from Art d’Ecco’s recent album, which explores our fixation on television and celebrity culture. Adding his own glam rock style to the hit tune, this cover is definitely a must-listen.

“‘That’s Entertainment’ by The Jam is one of my favourite songs of all time,” d’Ecco explains. “My latest record is an album all about entertainment, so I felt compelled to add this classic Paul Weller track to the d’Ecco catalogue. It forms the perfect sonic prologue to my record, written by a master lyricist and poet.”

Listen to d’Ecco’s cover of “That’s Entertainment” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Mike Pepperdine.