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Listen: AURORA shares danceable new single ‘Cure For Me’

Norwegian singer-songwriter AURORA did everyone a favour and has returned with highly anticipated new music. “Cure For Me” is her first proper single following her 2019 album A Different Kind of Human (Step II).

In an interview with NME Aurora revealed, “It’s quite a strange song. I think some people may really like it and some people may not. Like always, I got inspired by a really huge, dark and horrible thing that happens in the world. The first seed of inspiration came from thinking about the countries where it’s still legal to do conversion therapy for gay people and lesbians. I just thought that’s so pointless.”

“The first idea was me saying, ‘I don’t need a cure for me – just let me live, man!’”

Listen to “Cure For Me” below.

The powerful single will be a part of a new album and although there are no specific details as of yet, AURORA says that the new single won’t sound much like anything else that’s to come.

“Cure For Me” is a refreshing listen and comes across very playful. With dark pop-synths and an extremely catchy rhythm in the chorus, this track makes it hard not to dance.

The playful new song is a follow-up from AURORA’s debut LP from 2016, All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend and subsequently Infections of a Different Kind (Step I) and A Different Kind of Human (Step II).

Thanks to TikTok, AURORA has also found recent virality for her dreamy song “Runaway”.

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