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Listen: Bastille sing of ‘limitless possibilities’ on new track ‘Distorted Light Beam’

Following the release of their 2019 album Doom Days and last year’s EP Goosebumps, British pop rockers Bastille have returned with a new single, “Distorted Light Beam.”

Dan Smith and co. have been signalling their return for the past month. Last night (June 23rd) their return became a reality, as their new track premiered on BBC Radio 1 as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record. Alongside the song, Bastille shared a captivating, futuristic video that’s definitely a must-watch.

“For us ‘Distorted Light Beam’ soundtracks dancing through some twisted, euphoric futuristic club space,” Smith explains of the song. “It’s a song about limitless possibilities – which isn’t something any of us actually have in real life right now, so it’s been fun to explore that idea while experimenting with new sounds in our music.”

Watch the video for “Distorted Light Beam” below.

The bright, driven new tune is an uplifting anthem with a bit of a dark twist. With glimmering synths and catchy vocals, Dan Smith’s lyrics take the lead. The relatable, aspirational lyrics revolve around lines like, “When I’m dreaming tonight, I can do anything/ When I’m dreaming tonight, I can go anywhere/ When I’m dreaming tonight, I can be anyone.”

Earlier this year, Bastille released their new documentary, ReOrchestrated. The music documentary is “a bracingly honest journey through their work to rearrange some of their biggest hits, including Pompeii, Quarter Past Midnight, Another Place, and Warmth,” according to a release.

“I’ve always been really self-conscious,” Bastille frontman Dan Smith says in the movie’s trailer. “Like any job, you come to a point where you’ve maybe had enough. How can we rearrange these songs in a way that’s really unexpected to try and show people other sides of what we do?”

Revisit the trailer for ReOrchestrated below.

Lead photo courtesy of Reece Owen.

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