Listen: Beach House Release “PPP” and “Beyond Love” Sneakily

Sometimes you have to work for new tunes

West-coast rockers Beach House are amping up for the release of their fifth studio album Depression Cherry at the end of this month by stealthily releasing some new tracks. While most bands just hand out their new tunes, Beach House wants to make you work for their new songs, — not too hard though, so don’t fret.

Though we’ve already heard the first single from their follow up to 2012’s Bloom titled “Sparks“, the band is letting fans take a listen to their newest tracks “PPP” and “Beyond Love”. To listen, check out their website on their recently added “Single Finder”, which the bands explain how it works below via Facebook:

For us, it’s always a strange moment when a single has to be chosen. No one song ever feels like a perfect representative for a record. This device allows you all to choose the 3 songs you have enjoyed most in the past and have a “single” chosen for you based loosely on what we consider to be musical similarities. Enjoy

To listen to one of the new tracks, you have to select your three favorite Beach House singles from before, which then calculates which one of the new songs is right for you.

They have also added another feature to their website which lets you create their set list for their tour date in your city. They explain again below:

While on tour, we change our setlist every night and certain songs get played only a few times per tour. This device will allow us to know if there is a large number of people wanting to hear a certain song in any one place. It’s not that we will definitely follow it, but it will certainly influence our set lists…… maybe 50 people in milwaukee want to hear a song we made 10 years ago?!?!
Choose the “setlist creator” next to the show you are going to and follow the directions there…………..Thanks

Ready for new Beach House? Depression Cherry comes out August 18th via Subpop.