Listen: Ben Gibbard shares studio version of new track ‘Proxima B,’ cover of Minor Threat’s ‘Filler’

He previously performed an acoustic version of 'Proxima B' on a livestream

Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard has shared a new track called “Proxima B” alongside a cover of Minor Threat’s “Filler.”

Gibbard debuted a live acoustic version of “Proxima B” during one of his Live From Home concerts in April, but now he’s shared a full studio version. The two tracks are being released as a 7-inch and cassette single tomorrow.

“This one I wrote a while ago and I was going to have it out as a single for my solo tour this spring,” Gibbard explains. “It’s about a planet that was discovered deep, deep in the cosmos, called Proxima B. The three things you need to know about Proxima B to understand the song are: One, there’s a planet called Proxima B that they think has water on it. It’s somewhat Earth-like. Secondly, it orbits the star called Centauri. And three, there’s been a lot of talk of ‘Ooh, maybe we can get there at some point.’ So I wrote this song in response to that.”

Listen to “Proxima B” and “Filler (Minor Threat cover)” below.