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Listen: Big Thief’s Buck Meek shares new track ‘Pareidolia’

While gearing up for the release of his forthcoming solo album Two Saviors, Buck Meek has shared a new track called “Pareidolia.”

Meek called the track “Pareidolia” for the first word on the album because it means “recognizing shapes where none were intended to exist.”

“We have all painted forms onto the clouds; a phoenix, a fire truck, snakes, Elvis, and so on,” Meek explains. “We saw these visions as children, we encourage children to search for them, and we can’t help but continue to project meaning and symbolism onto the sky, to see mountains in moving water, faces in knots in wood, hidden messages in music, and god in toast. Pareidolia is a phenomenon which threads mundane experiences such as staring at the ceiling in the morning with the seeds of mythology and spirituality. The physical world is inherently limited, but our minds take every possible opportunity to transcend.”

Listen to “Pareidolia” below.

Two Saviors is set for release on January 15th.

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