Listen: Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna sings opening theme for ‘WandaVision’

The sixth episode was based on 'Malcolm in the Middle'

Disney+ tapped Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna to sing the theme song to WandaVision on last week’s episode.

Each episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe show is modelled after a different iconic TV sitcom, and the most recent episode was a tribute to Malcolm in the Middle. The “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!” episode, which marked the sixth in the series, copied the Malcolm in the Middle opening credits to a tee, with the castmembers taking part in their daily rituals.

Hanna’s cover brings a punchy energy to the Malcolm in the Middle theme song, They Might Be Giants’ “Boss of Me.”

Check out the intro and compare it to the original Malcolm in the Middle opening below.

lead photo courtesy of JCHaywire on Flickr.