Listen: Born Ruffians are reminding everyone to ‘Breathe’ with new track

'Juice' is set for release on April 3

While gearing up for the release of JUICE this Friday, Born Ruffians have shared a new single called “Breathe.”

“Similar to our last single ‘Wavy Haze,’ ‘Breathe’ is about our relationship with our own memories – though more focused on the uninvited memories that impose themselves on us at random times,” frontman Luke Lalonde explains. “Sometimes on a bus, I will shudder or audibly gasp because my brain will deliver something I did in Grade 5 and regret terribly. Or sometimes a nice memory will pop by for a visit. It’s sort of about the battle between the light and the dark in my brain, fighting each other for real estate up there. To quote myself… I had a dream love and light were winning. I woke up laughing. I woke up singing.”

Listen to “Breathe” below.