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Listen: Brendan Canning Shares New Song “Keystone Dealers”

Brendan Canning has released a new song called “Keystone Dealers” and it is largely reminiscent of his Broken Social Scene days. The song is quiet and poetic with enough drum machine and horns to still make it catchy and danceable. Canning is on the cusp of releasing a new solo album called Home Wrecking Years which is due out on August 12th through Arts & Crafts.

Home Wrecking Years will feature a full band and is a change of pace from Canning’s last solo album, You Gots 2 Chill. A.V. Club premiered the track and with it they released this statement by Canning on the nature of “Keystone Dealers.”

Keystone dealers is the Bossa Nova moment on the record. Justin Peroff came up with the idea for the old-school drum machine and the killer horn section was led by Liam O’Neil who was recently drafted by Kings of Leon. It’s one of a few moments on the record that allows the listener some real pause and breath.

I’m pretty sure the song is me trying to find a correlation between a failed relationship and the destruction big oil leaves behind once the damage is done. Words just pop out sometimes and I’m left to sort through for meaning.

With that we encourage you to take a listen for yourself.

(Photo by Erin Simkin via Arts & Crafts)

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