Listen: Calpurnia Covers Weezer’s ‘Say It Ain’t So’

Calpurnia will be in town on October 20th at The Phoenix.

Stranger Things’ own Finn Wolfhard fronts indie rock band, Calpurnia, who have just recorded two songs for Spotify’s Singles series. The session not only includes “Wasting Time” from their debut EP, Scout, but it also features a gritty cover of a Weezer classic, “Say It Ain’t So.”

In a recent statement, the Vancouver band says that it was “a great way to pay homage to a band that’s changed music many times over.” Inspired by Weezer’s cover of Toto’s “Africa,” Calpurnia nails the 1994 original, but adds in Ayla Tesler-Mabe’s sweet voice and Wolfhard’s rougher, moaning vocals to rework Weezer’s familiar textures in new ways.

Calpurnia’s fresh take on their song “Wasting Time” has raw vocals, a catchy melody that you can’t help but dance to, and a powerful guitar solo.

Check out both of the tracks below.