Listen: Canadian soul-pop artist Paris Pick releases vulnerable new track ‘I Can’t Help It’

'Hope for the Best' is out on June 11

Yukon’s Paris Pick is has shared her second single of 2021, “I Can’t Help It.”

The new track follows the title track off her forthcoming album, Hope For The Best, which is set for release on June 11th. On the new track, Pick says she gives herself “permission to be totally infatuated with someone and that giving in to your deepest desires is okay.”

“I Can’t Help It” is a groove-heavy tune comes packed with smooth, buttery guitar lines and cascading vocals that are sure to get you swaying along.

Listen to “I Can’t Help It” below.

Hope for the Best is my new baby,” As it comes out this summer, I’m going to nurture it as much as possible,” Pick explains of the record. “I want the word to get out there, I want people to hear my new songs and be singing along blasting them in their cars as they do so. I really think the overall production is quiet wonderful and the songs carry themselves. I hired some pretty incredible musicians to be part of this project and I get pretty excited when I hear them play. So I think you will as well, I’m feeling good about this one.”